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BINY is voted one of the BEST
of NEW YORK by New York Magazine! 2012


5 stars rating win the Talk of the Town News Customer Satisfaction Award! 2012

Downtown New York's Stylish Karaoke Bar and Lounge

Epitomizing the ultimate in East meets West, our over-the-top decor is fused with New York's only individualized, fully computerized, state-of-the-art karaoke experience. We combine seven luxury private karaoke rooms, our chic lounge.

With all that we offer, it's no wonder that we are absolutely the ESSENTIAL space for all Holiday, Birthday, and Corporate Events

We Are The Definitive Source For New York's Best Karaoke Party Experience...Hands Down!!

With our incredible state-of-the-art, fully computerized touch-screen Karaoke system you and your friends will sound like a professional recording star. Our private Karaoke rooms can be reserved for your enjoyment everyday. We would be happy to provide you with the perfect setting for your next private karaoke experience. For a more information, check out our all-inclusive party plans featured on our Events page.

Other times are by reservation only. For more information on booking a private dining and karaoke experience call 212-334-5490
email us:

BINY Japanese & Karaoke Bar is located at:

8 Thompson Street on the 2nd floor in SOHO
New York, NY 10013

By Subway:

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Telephone: 212-334-5490

Facsimile: 212-334-4675


Party Platter Menu (All Drinks, Tips and Tax are not included)

$199 Party Platter for 10 People:

A $240 Value


$399 Party Platter for 20 People:     


We at BINY's specialize in food and fun. Whether you are looking for a place to dine in or a place to have a few drinks and sing some songs with a bunch of friends. We are your one stop location for a good time. We carry music from various cultures. A Main Lounge and 7 Free Private Karaoke Rooms that only require a minimum spending depending on the room size. With year round specials like our weekday (Mon-Thurs) Prix-Fixe Dinner with FREE Karaoke private room $24 per person & our everyday
Party Platter for 10 People $199, Party Platter for 20 People $399

You will not find another place like it, this side of the globe.
Corporate accounts and Private Parties are also welcome. For any further details please call us or just feel free to drop in..

(Appliable Tax and Gratuity are not included)
Sunday - Thursday
  • $50 minimum spending per hour for room (about 10 people)
  • $60 minimum spending per hour for room (about 13 people)
  • $100 minimum spending per hour for room (about 23 people)
  • Friday - Saturday (2 hours)
  • $75 minimum spending per hour for room (about 8 people)
  • $100 minimum spending per hour for room (about 12 people)
  • $125 minimum spending per hour for room (about 16 people)
  • $150 minimum spending per hour for room (about 24 people)
  • Why should you come to BINY?…..
  • Where else can you sing your blues away….and still feel like a rock star?
  • We are the only place in town where you can sing in your own private room… as loud as you want while eating SoHo’s freshest sushi & fusion Japanese food!
  • Our state of the art Karaoke system!
  • Hip ad trendy atmosphere that allows you to relax and have fun.
  • We’re SoHo’s hideaway for spot for over the top party’s and event’s.
  • Our Karaoke Experience Features:
  • Individual Microphones
  • Computer Stations
  • Seven Private Karaoke Rooms
  • Main Lounge and Dining Room with Karaoke
  • Video Screens In Each Area
  • Sing your favorite songs during dinner hour
  • Spanish titles available too!
  • Songs with over 20,000 selections of English, Chinese, and Japanese titles
  • Selections from 60's to the most current, popular and modern songs
  • And The Hottest Sound system ..So Hot, EVERYONE Sounds Like A Star!!
  • Our luxurious celebration packages can include:
  • Prix-Fixe menu plans
  • Drink Specials
  • Tell us how we are doing:

    Opinions and ideas from our customers is very important to us. We value your comments on how we can better provide with you with the best dining and entertainment experience possible. That is why we would like to hear from you. So feel free to contact by email or phone.

    For more information about us, please contact our Public Relations department directly at 212-334-5490 or email us:


    What people say about us:

    By Anthony T.
    New York, NY

    this review is long over due, honestly I am not a karaoke person.  But I have always find myself returning to this bar over the years.  It is always the bartender that provide the best and most friendly service, and it makes me feel like going to friend place instead of a bar.  drink price is reasonable, cheaper than all near by places and lot of interesting people at night and lot to see.

    By Steve W.
    New York, NY

    This might be my favorite karaoke joint.  but keep in mind i'm not a true asian.  i don't really love to sing badly (i do sing badly, but i don't enjoy it), i don't turn red when i drink, and up until jeremy lin, i could play ball.  so take my review with a grain of salt. 

    first off, biny, unlike other karaoke places, isn't surrounded by 50 other karaoke joints.  it isn't surrounded by korean restaurants nor are there bubble tea shops around.  instead its across the street from a basketball court and a heavy intersection.

    so? how is that relevant?  its not, i just wanted to kill time at work typing and to waste your time.  anyways, we walk in here afterwork on a thurs and it was empty.  grabbed a table and started singing.  there's no big book sorted by artist and another sorted by song titles here.  everything is computerized.  pretty cool right?  WRONG!  if i had one gripe against biny, its this system.  now if you know exactly what you want to sing, its not a problem.  but sometimes you need to be reminded.  you want to scroll down a list til you see an artist you like or if you want to sing a ballad, which i do with chung tam, i go directly to the letter 'L' for Love.  you can't even toggle conveniently with the system here.  if you want to skip ahead to a certain letter, you have to keep going thru each individual digital page til you get there.  you'll see what i mean.  but at least their song selection is pretty updated.

    the staff of this place are very friendly and helpful, guiding us through the interface and attentive with our orders.  but then again we were the only ones there.  the place slowly started to fill up, with nearly every table filled up in the lounge area.  i do not recommend getting a private room here, its a lot more fun in the lounge.  you could sing along, dance and make new friends.  why do fat women sing so well?  i'd feel insecure about their voice if not for their appearance.  and the fact that they can't, nor should ever dance.

    drinks were regularly priced, there's this tiny tv at the bar.  all in all a good night and i'd prob pick this place if i had to choose a karaoke joint to go to next time.  oh and the songs are free.

    by Emily Y.
    Kew Gardens Hills, NY

    BINY looks like a climb the shady steps to the 2nd floor and walk into a world where you can let loose and let your inhibitions run wild! Sore throat, a few whiskeys and green teas thrown back, lots of oldies and goodies with a mix from Pat Benatar, ABBA, to Kanye West, private rooms, good sushi, attentive staff, decent bathrooms, dice games, pre fixe menu, great happy hours, and fun for all!!! Yes, there is something for everyone! For those in our party that don't eat sushi, there was teriyaki, for those who don't sing, they can mouth the words, for those who don't drink, there was Sprite!!! Yes folks, fun for all!!
    I wanna go back!!! Loved this place.

    by Lindsay M.
    Brooklyn, NY

    Best Karaoke bar hands down!
    - Get a room, the common area is a good time and never too packed
    - Forget you have to do two songs in a row; songs are FREE
    - Drink green tea and Jameson; pitchers are available
    - Play liars dice while you aren't singing
    - Dance and sing along when others groups invite you to
    - See my review about late night food at Fresh Food Market

    by AJA J.
    Pittsburgh, PA

    Umm - sushi AND karaoke? I'm not even sure I need to write a review, because OBVIOUSLY, this place is awesome. So I'll make it a shortie.

    The atmosphere? Funny. Kinda dark...kinda skanky...kinda blue-light-driven...kinda just...funny. The main section is surrounded by group rooms for your karaoke and sushi pleasure. We sat in the main section, but next time I am absolutely bringing a group and we are absolutely commandeering a private room.

    The service? Superb. We arrived 10 minutes prior to the kitchen closing, even though we'd checked the website/hours ahead of time. Pretty sure they should fix that, but given that we were still served, I could've cared less. Our server was happy and helpful. He was also excited that it took us all of two seconds to decide on the menu. Sushi for Two? Yes, please.

    Two words describe BINY's Sushi for Two - HUGE and GOOD. Sounds like a great Friday night, huh? This platter was easily big enough for four people, but we managed...somehow. Each piece was fresh and flavorful. Oh! And pretty. Just like the leaf-shaped wasabi. Pretty is paramount when judging sushi, no?

    Visit BINY. It's so delicious. Get a room, don't get a room - it doesn't really matter. It's reasonable too. Our bill was just over $60, including tip, two beers and just pounds and pounds of sushi. Enjoy!

    Terrie C

    LOOOOOVE this place!   Aside from the crazy karaoke parties that is held here, my friends and I have soooo much fun.  We've been coming here since 2004!!!!!  

    As for the entire karaoke experience, I'm afraid to say because I do not want it to get busy :)  but whatever, it totally rocks.

    As for the drinks, they're a bit pricey but it's still very good.  Top shelf is really excellent.  

    As for the food - very fresh. Surprisingly, we are there on weekdays as well.  Crazy, right?  My friends and I dig it a lot!  
    I am going to post up photos, so check it out.  Hee!

    Elite '11
    Katie T. New York, NY


    Disclaimer: my review is only based on their take-out service.

    This place served as my sushi staple for the entire duration when I was living downtown. Given all the take-out sushi i've tried, this is definitely top 3 for quality, taste, and portion size.

    Their delivery range is pretty wide too, so that helps. And the service is reliable, and free of errors.

    So, yes, I would definitely recommend this place!

    Peggy P. Queens, NY

    I was never a fan of karaoke but this place might make me change my mind. I love that they play the actual music videos rather than the cheesy Asian ones where they all seem to live on the beach. They also seem to always be updated with the latest songs --definitely a plus!!

    Only complaint is that the walls are suuuper thin so you'll sometimes have to put with the horrible singing coming from the group next door.

    I've had the food and it's actually not bad for what you would expect from a really dark, dingy-looking karaoke place.

    Also, if you drink/eat more than $70 bucks --you don't have to pay for your room! Which isn't a hard feat when you roll with the ladies I roll with.

    Elite '11
    Tiffanie n. Brooklyn, NY


    i love this place! it looks nice and they have a great selection of music..from chinese, japanese to english. the food is really good too. and for $20 prixe fixe, we got a lot of food! definitely worth it. and the green tea whisky was strong!

    Ginger M. New York, NY

    My favorite sushi in the city, they deliver quickly (to both East and West Village, which is crazytown), are generous with ingredients and portions, don't charge extra for brown rice and are crazy nice and attentive when dining in. Their eel and avocado and crabstick rolls blow my mind. Love you Biny, big time.

    Joe M. Walnut Creek, CA

    Went here last night for a going-away party. What an awesome time! Service was excellent, as was the sushi! The platter we got was more than enough for everyone.. we brought a cake, which they served after the meal. Only thing was the song machine was a little cumbersome to use and was missing some 80s hits. Would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for a good place to party.

    Constantino D. New York, NY

    I have never set foot in this place, so I had no idea it's a karaoke bar. I don't care for karaoke.

    Anyway, I came here to write about the food and their delivery service. I work a couple of blocks away, and get lunch from here on a regular basis. I always get some kind of bento box. My favorite is the salmon teriyaki. The miso soup that comes with it is yummy, and it has always arrived nice and hot, even in the dead of winter. The best thing about it, though, is that it's ridiculously cheap for the amount of food. I usually end up saving half for dinner.

    Helen W. Manhattan, NY

    There aren't too many Karaoke bars downtown on the W side. They have good snacks: fishballs, fries, and wings. Their songs are fairly updated. It is a little more pricey than your average karaoke bar.

    Elite '11
    Suanne L. Queens, NY


    When I go to Biny, I let my inner diva out. My friends and I love coming to Biny, getting a private room (so we can belt out Queen with abandon), and laughing with each other through the night. The place is a little dark and older than some other places, but they're super for convenience and value. Many asian places will let you eat or drink to the limit of the cost for the room. Biny, in addition to the bar, has a buffet so you can keep munching when its not your turn. Now you can
    belt your favorite tune and stuff your face with shrimp tempura (but please, not at the same time). The food will not wow you, but the selection is great (mostly fried goodies, sushi, and fruit). The value is fantastic - my friends and I ended up paying $35 for 3 hours with a decent dinner (if you're a lush, add more). Have fun!

    Elite '11
    Blanca V. Madison, NJ


    Look at that booty so scandalous!
    Dumps like a truck truck truck
    Guy like wha wha what
    I sang those lines all day Sunday after my visit to Biny, I am glad I was invited and decided to actually take a ride in to NYC for some Karoke fun.
    The party I joined had a private room, I really was impressed with the sound system, the selection of songs, pretty much I was overall happy.
    The green tea and whiskey was delish, sushi was smashing, and the service was quick.

    Annie Z. Manhattan, NY

    We had the Prix Fixe Weekday Special $18/person for 3 hours of KTV and includes dinner. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by their food! Their prix fixe dinner includes soup, choice of green salad or seaweed salad, kitchen or sushi sampler appetizer platter, entree, and green tea or red bean ice cream for dessert. My favorite was the sample appetizer platter - you can choose between the kitchen sampler and the sushi sampler. I would recommend the sushi sampler which had everything from tuna steak to tuna tartare. Delicious! I also had their tonkatsu for the entre, and the outside was done perfectly crispy. Out of the other entrees, we also tried the dragon roll (AMAZING), salmon teriyaki, and tekka don (tuna sashimi over rice). Everything was delicious. The courses were also served quickly and attentively, nothing was removed from our table until we were done with it.

    The bartenders here are super sweet and will even sing along with you for duets so don't be shy! Outside of the prix fixe options, the fish balls, noodles, and fried chicken are MUST HAVES. Also, try their test tube shots - don't let the neon colors fool you, they are a doozy!

    Elite '11
    Kas T. Orlando, FL


    love! lunch special - $20+ for 3 hours of karaoke plus 3 course lunch?! have to go back!!! song selection was pretty decent too!

    Canny F. Brooklyn, NY

    I came here for a birthday party and everyone seemed satisfied. I had the salad which was served on a big plate displayed very classy. The dressing was not poured and instead placed neatly on certain pieces of vegetables. The edamame tasted great and was not overly salted. The room size was bigger than I thought it would have been and their songs are updated. The employees were friendly and they were attentive.

    Elite '11
    Jose G. Brooklyn, NY


    I do not remember how many songs I did, be it solo, duet, trio, or group. That is a very good sign of a good time. The $30/table fee wasn't too terrible, and the staff were very friendly and helpful.

    The music list isn't necessarily perfect for me, though my friend was very happy to see a decent amount of country. There was some rap, rock, R&B, new wave, jazz, and blues, but there were plenty of musicians missing, and plenty more musicians whose catalogs were terribly limited. Still, I had far too much fun to say I wouldn't go back.

    Elite '11
    Vicky L. Jersey City, NJ


    Biny's is a really fun karaoke lounge where you can get your own private room or you can sing in the bar area for everyone to hear. It's $75 dollars for an hour ( redeemable for food and drinks ) or $15 dollars minimum to sit at the bar and sing.

    The song selection included Chinese, English, and Spanish hits, categorized by language, songs, or artist.

    The rooms were definitely not sound proof, as I could hear the girl outside singing "My Heart Will Go On" loudly in fobby English. But, if you're in the mood, this type of place can be really, really, fun.

    Wendy C. Irvine, CA

    BINY! some how we end up here after a late night out and i find myself listening to my friends belt tunes at 2-3am while we feast on ramen, fried chicken wings, fries w/ spicy sauce and the best curry fish balls! everything somehow tastes wonderful after a late night out.

    Irena C. New York, NY

    It sounds like most reviews here are for their dinner and karaoke specials. My review is for simple delivery orders via Seamless Web.

    I stay at work late some days and I often crave sushi for dinner. Recently, I decided to try something new and ordered from Biny based on decent reviews on Seamless Web.

    I gotta say I didn't know what to expect, but I definitely wasn't disappointed. I got a variety of sushi and the fish was super fresh. The slices were also HUGE. And the best part was that they have great Albacore, which is hard to find in general in NYC, good or bad. White Tuna and Salmon were also very good and fresh. And the delivery service is super fast too.

    I highly recommend this place for delivery if you're looking for a reasonably priced sushi joint.

    Elite '11
    Cindy W. Wellesley, MA


    Sheehy bars..Check! Raunchy clubs...check! Ratty hole in the wall bars...check again! Binys might be a one of the those places where things won't ever get old. Can't really top Green tea whiskey with a large group of good friends trying to sing their hearts out. This is a great after party place or something different then your normal bar/club scene. SING FOR ME!


    Aug., 2011
    A lot of food (delish too) ...good value!!
    Posted by kathy w. at

    May 2011
    The portions were very generous. Ordered various types of rolls. They were all worth bang for their buck. The rolls came in a nice container and they gave me a huge long wad of wasabi. The soy sauce came in plastic sauce containers and they even gave a plastic soy sauce plate. The presentation was superb.
    Posted by Samson L at

    May 2011
    Get the Bento Box for lunch. It is ridiculously cheap for the amount of food, and they're fast.
    Posted by Constantino D. at

    April 2011
    Pretty good sushi, the price is unbeatable and its location next to the one train makes it even better. They are very kind and the food is pretty fresh, its not necesarily the best in new york but one of the best yes.
    Posted by Gerald L. at

    March 2011
    I have yet to be disappointed by this restaurant- the sushi rolls are fresh, with quality ingredients, and are always really good.
    Posted by Lauren H. at

    March 2011
    biny is the absolute best I am practically addicted
    Posted by Trenton p. at


    Happy Hour!
    Sunday 7pm-9pm Monday- Thursday  5pm - 8pm
    $3 dollar beer or wine and $5 cocktails.

    " Available for groups or all sizes. 
    Not valid with any other offer, discount, coupon or promotion. "